Our Staff

We are very fortunate at St. Mary’s to have a very dedicated group of staff who aim to provide the best support possible for all the pupils in our care.  All classes have at least 2 members of staff.  We also have a range of staff who work across the whole school.

Headteacher: Mr Lee Spencer

Assistant Headteacher: Mr Jack Moore

Reception Class:  Miss H. Marsh, Mrs H. Ellam, Miss K. Abson
Class One: Mrs L. Bessell/Mrs K. Brook, Mrs D. Mellor, Mrs P. Tryba
Class Two: Miss L. Artley, Mrs L. Kitchen, Miss E. Rolph, Miss C. Brodigan
Class Three: Miss A. Lassu, Miss P. Murray
Class Four: Miss L. Boon, Miss A. Gould, Mr W. Hughes (mornings)
Class Five: Miss S. Tallentire, Mrs G. Baruah
Class Six:  Mr J. Moore/Mrs L. Copley, Mrs C. Utley

Miss A. Pollard: Class Teacher
Mrs J. Armitage: Finance Admin Assistant
Mrs C. Murgatroyd: Admin Assistant
Mr S. Grant: Caretaker
Miss E. Cook: Behaviour Management Leader
Mr W. Hughes: Sport Co-ordinator and P.E. Teaching Assistant

Kitchen and Dining Staff

Mrs Denise Ellis
Mrs Lynette McNamee
Mrs Angela Exley
Mrs Denise Kilner
Mrs Carol Utley
Mrs Lorraine Wilkinson-Breen
Mrs Dot Exley
Mrs Anne Tattersley